Thursday, April 23, 2009

My first scribbling...

Hi everyone!
Before I begin ‘blogging’, I would like to thank few of my pals for suggesting me to start a weblog and few for asking me if I write one!
Flash Back… Spiral Curves… Retrieving Data…
In NO particular order:
1.       After I had narrated some incident,
AJ: It's time for you to start a blog!
(I don't know if there was any hidden sarcasm!J )
2.       In the Microsoft Internship Final interview, after I told the interviewer that I had designed a blog in 2.0,
Ms. Anu (the interviewer): Did you host that blog?
Me: No…
Ms. Anu: Do you blog?
Me (smiling, or at least trying to): No…
(Bad! Too many NOs!!!! )
3.       While discussing about blogs written by classmates,
Mary: Hey, why don't you both blog?
(Referring to Dakshina and me)
4.       When I was passing some comment about some blog to my friend Sundar,
Sundar: Your Honour, Aren't you starting a blog?
5. Yesterday, again..
 Sundar: What about your much awaited blog? :)  

So here it goes…

Ready… Start… Action... TADA… My blog…

Friends, thank you for your suggestions!

Hope you would enjoy reading my future posts.