Thursday, April 23, 2009

My first scribbling...

Hi everyone!
Before I begin ‘blogging’, I would like to thank few of my pals for suggesting me to start a weblog and few for asking me if I write one!
Flash Back… Spiral Curves… Retrieving Data…
In NO particular order:
1.       After I had narrated some incident,
AJ: It's time for you to start a blog!
(I don't know if there was any hidden sarcasm!J )
2.       In the Microsoft Internship Final interview, after I told the interviewer that I had designed a blog in 2.0,
Ms. Anu (the interviewer): Did you host that blog?
Me: No…
Ms. Anu: Do you blog?
Me (smiling, or at least trying to): No…
(Bad! Too many NOs!!!! )
3.       While discussing about blogs written by classmates,
Mary: Hey, why don't you both blog?
(Referring to Dakshina and me)
4.       When I was passing some comment about some blog to my friend Sundar,
Sundar: Your Honour, Aren't you starting a blog?
5. Yesterday, again..
 Sundar: What about your much awaited blog? :)  

So here it goes…

Ready… Start… Action... TADA… My blog…

Friends, thank you for your suggestions!

Hope you would enjoy reading my future posts.



  1. I guess AJ must be appreciated for his spirit. He always motivates his pals..... If we have an AJ at every home, the world would be so much better....

  2. Ah! My humble self getting mentioned twice (thrice?) in Ms. SSN's blog!! I'm deeply honoured. :)
    Welcome to the world of blogging... Expecting non-mokkai content from you at least here. ;)

  3. i was thinking to start one.. u preceded me de:) nice title indeed coz watever u write wud surely be a scribblin i kno.. :P one kind request- though u look very gorgeous don put ur personal photo as profil picture... its fa d good of others.. expectin more mokkais from u..


  4. @ronnie aka AJ
    True.. But we already have this population explosion problem. :P
    Thanks.. My blog would have Mokkai, stories and everything nice.. These are the ingredients to create a perfect blog.. :)

  5. @swarna
    Thanks. And my mokkais will be posted soon. :)

  6. @ swarna.... way to go... i understand ur concern for the "good of others"