Monday, June 8, 2009

This has never ever happened to me before, but now...

I opened the folder named "Demo" on my desktop - Checked if all the required files were present.
"Okay, everything seems to perfect. I can mail them to my mentor and project manager for the demo at 2.30 pm",I thought.
But suddenly, a voice reminded me to re-check if all the files in the folder were the updated ones and so, I did.
Everything was perfect and so I mailed them.

It was 2.30 pm, but no one was in the meeting room.
So I walked to one of my colleague's place and came to the meeting room with him. But again, there was no one inside. So we had to wait. After 5 mins, everyone started coming one by one.

The much awaited meeting commenced.

Everyone showed their own demos and stuff one by one. Mine was scheduled towards the end of the meeting.

tick tock.. tick tock..

"I'll leave it to Sharmi, now", my project manager said.

I took my mentor's laptop and clicked the application. It started loading...
Then, it was loading...
Loading.. Loading..

Everyone started giving sighs of whatever- I didn't know. Then I interrupted, "I'll give you the overall picture of this application before we start with the demo". And I explained them about my work and finally looked at the projection screen. It was colored in blue as screensaver was running in my desktop. So I mildly shook my mouse and was shocked to find that it was still loading!

One team member suggested, "You can send me the files and I'll try opening it here". But when I inquired if he had all the required softwares installed in his system, I came to know that there was a pin-hole in my ship, already.

Just then, my mentor realized that he was not able to open some similar applications in his laptop, quite a few minutes before the meeting. Phew.. Now the blame was on whatever- I didn't know, I was happy as far as it was not on me (apparently).

My mentor continued, "We'll schedule this meeting sometime later", and the crowd dispersed.

I came back to my place. I opened the same application. It got loaded in less than 5 seconds.
Well, now? Nothing. I should wait for the next meeting and next time I should check it for atleast 10 times!

Finagle's corollary to Murphy's Law

"Anything that can go wrong, will— at the worst possible moment"