Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Top 10 things I've been doing for the past 3 weeks

1. E-mail/ping the person who works in the next cubicle. [Come on.. I'm too busy(lazy?) to go to his place!]
2. Schedule an appointment in Outlook to meet a person who is 10 feet away. [To ensure that he stays at his place when I want to meet him. Else I'll have to walk all the way again. :P]
3. Give excuse that the reason for not staying in touch with few friends is that they rarely come online.
4. Ask for a fork and a spoon to have idli. [I know what you must be thinking now :)]
5. Drink cola, if free.
6. Drink cola, if busy.
7. Set reminders for everything but dismiss them when they alert, even before reading the alert message.
8. Work(?) late with gtalk signed in.
9. Search for the scanner to open the refrigerator door with ID card.
10.Plan.. plan.. plan.. Oh wait. What was my first plan?


  1. "To ensure that he stays at his place when I want to meet him. Else I'll have to walk all the way again"

    Even if he stays at his place u'll have to walk all the way again!

  2. If he's available when I go, why would I walk all the way "again"?

  3. Waah! Kya intelligent hai! thanks :P

  4. haan.... bahuth intelligent hai!

  5. @ ronnie:
    After long time am hearing these kind of words from u. start ur own blog da... it'll be super cool...

  6. @Koushik
    You should have probably conveyed this to ronnie in the Gtalk-chat you were talking about in my previous post :P

    But yes, I agree to what you've said in your comment.

  7. bein a good programmer hw can u hav redundancy in ur code?? u have redundancy in points 5 n 6... u shd combine it into a singl sentence using ||[OR] operatr.. drink cola if [its free || im busy]..only then its an optimised one.. :P:D ok ok don cry... ;)

  8. @swarna
    In next 3 weeks, I might involve myself in eating food if busy and so altering your suggested code for the next post will make it messy and might introduce 'regressions'. My code will avoid this major threat to the developers. :P

    Thanks for calling me a "good" programmer and I wont disappoint you :)