Friday, August 28, 2009

Living a dual life

Alfred Borden: So... we go alone now. Both of us. Only I don't have as far to go as you. Go. You were right, I should have left him to his damn trick. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for a lot of things. I'm sorry about Sarah. I didn't mean to hurt her... I didn't. You go and live your life in full now, all right? You live for both of us.Fallon: Goodbye

Borden and Fallon; two different persons and very apt personas for our own dual life. You may be wondering about what I am talking as 'dual' life. A simple example is that say your friend comes to your home and breaks your favorite flower vase. What do you think in your mind? But then, how do you react? You try to remain social but at the same time your heart feels bad about the shiny cute vase.
So, are we cheating ourselves? Do we do this just to keep our names in the good books of others? Are we losing the simplest form of happiness that we get by means of expressing ourselves? Life's all about choices. Why are we taking this path?


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  1. Yup! good citation...... u have to pick from the choice.... and not always do you have a perfect option to take......