Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Google Analytics

I was planning to post this for a long time...
Note: The details of this post were collected on 7.9.2009

Top 10 landing pages in my blog

Source websites

(I'm quite surprised to notice japanese language in this list. It has got 2 visits)
  1. en-us
  2. en-gb
  3. en
  4. ja

Keywords that landed on my blog..
  2. "finagle's law"+"corollary to murphy's law" (Waah..)
  3. sharmi nair "poor thing"+anonymous+ssn (Seems like someone’s too curious abt the ‘poor thing’)
  4. dakshina,sharmi (oh….)
  5. how do i know if i'm allergic to nair (To those who gave these keywords: did you find the answer?:P )
  6. scribblings of sharmi
  7. sharmi
  8. sharmi nair scribbling
  9. sharmi s nair (Yep, that’s me)
  10. sharmi s nair blog
  11. ssn placements fake (What fake?!)
  12. ssn stands for what (good question)
  13. thoughtworks +ssn (I am not a thoughtworker)
  14. what does ssn mean
  15. "tribute to michael jackson" (Very much proud)
  16. thriller+michael Jackson (Great!)

Search engines used

  1. Google
  2. Ask

Network sources to my website:

  1. nib (national internet backbone)
  2. internet service provider
  3. microsoft corp
  4. reliance communications ltd
  5. abts tamilnadu
  6. pppox pool se3 wotnoh
  7. cisco systems inc.
  8. uunet non-portable customer assignment
  9. hathway ip over cable internet access service
  10. national internet backbone
  11. abts ap
  12. at&t internet services
  13. oclc online computer library center inc.
  14. bcl south
  15. bharti airtel ltd. telemedia services for smb customers
  16. btnl-chn-dsl
  17. comcast cable communications inc.
  18. hewlett-packard company
  19. pppox pool - se3.wotnoh-1222992660
  20. road runner holdco llc
  21. so-net entertainment corporation
  22. software technology parks of india
  23. alliance broadband services pvt. ltd.
  24. bayantel broadband dsl - pppoe_ppe1
  25. cables-customers-connection
  26. ebay inc
  27. emirates telecommunications corporation
  28. european regional registry
  29. hyderabad-vsb- leased line tata teleservices ltd
  30. india bangalore egl campus
  31. intel corporation
  32. internet telephony service provider .
  33. iran telecommunication research center. itr
  34. ivy comptech pvt ltd
  35. jaring communications sdn bhd
  36. jawaharlal nehru university
  37. koninklijke philips electronics n.v.
  38. l hotel causeway bay harbour view
  39. manhattan associates india development centre pvt. ltd
  40. netvision ltd
  41. novell inc.
  42. ntl communications (ireland) limited
  43. pppox pool - bras21.rcsntx 011606 0930
  44. pppox pool - se3.wotnoh-1221345060
  45. pt telkom indonesia
  46. rogers cable inc. mtmk
  47. the innovation group inc
  48. the registrar anna university
  49. tot public company limited bangkok
  50. tulip telecom ltd.

Hmm… Good to notice many software giants visiting my blog, though this is not being a techy blog. Thank you folks. :)

Countries from where my blog was visited

World map (taken from

(visitors' places marked in blue)

Browsers used
Good to see almost all the browsers... :)

  • Firefox (61.65%)
  • Google Chrome (28.90%)
  • Internet Explorer (8.06%)
  • Opera (0.70%)
  • Safari (0.70%)
Hmmm.. Good start.. I will post my next analysis report after this list gets updated significantly :)



  1. :D
    Thats good! A typical collection of all the data as expected from a PM!
    also post/comment on how you did that


  2. @Abhilasha
    Just sign up for Google Analytics and follow the steps. So, is my co-PM gonna get into the same venture? :)

  3. Thank you for sharing. The ViS platform provides research center analytics.