Thursday, September 24, 2009

A thanksgiving note...

3 more days to go... But it seems like someone had turned my time-machine on and I am already enjoying the 27th of September 2009, my birthday! I've received surprise gifts from many of my friends already (Blame the shipping service for early delivery of gifts- for the first time in its history and also the upcoming pooja holidays when some of my friends will be leaving home).
There are days when I wonder why we celebrate for getting older. Sometimes I feel that birthday is just yet another day in the year. But my friends and family make me feel special on my birthday. They mark the day as one of my memorable days of that year. It's only then that I feel confident to move forward in my life with immense happiness that I find really hard to describe. And, only then I find the pleasure in celebrating the day which, on an optimistic note, is the start of a new and fabulous year. :)
This year, my birthday is going to be the most memorable of all. It's the last birthday I am going to celebrate at college. Celebrating birthday at college/hostel is always fun- Apart from cutting cake, we find most of the pleasure when we see others' faces hidden behind layers of the yummy cake. And then comes the most crucial part- birthday bumps- the merciless act, followed by naughty photo sessions.
I smile involuntarily when I think of all such awesome moments that I had.
I thank all of my loving friends and family members for all that you did, and are still doing, to make me feel happy. My world would have been lifeless without all of you. Hope we remain the same till the end, and further...



  1. hey your post made me smile too.. :) its really awesome day of our life especially during college.. wish it occured more than once in a year.. :P

  2. @Swarna
    Hehe.. Yes, definitely :)

    Thank you :)

  3. nice read!! wishing u an awesome year ahead!! God bless!