Sunday, November 22, 2009

I have a second life

"I can't go out for dinner tonight; I need to harvest my crops in two hours on FarmVille." (FarmVille)
"(Sweating and tensed) Hey, is your net connection good? Mine is down and I need to feed the rollercoaster operators or they will die!" (Roller Coaster Kingdom)

I've been hearing all of this recently and was just wondering about why people are forgetting about their very real life to have a good virtual life.
Then my friend told me about a philosophy(?) that his team leader told him. It said that when we choose one decision, say out of two options, we would have chosen the alternate decision in yet another universe; thus, there are several instances of our life, each living differently- but all of us are the same.
I had a thought about this and then realized that I was curious to know about how my other life was going and was the alternate decision (which I didn't choose) working out well for her. That's when I understood the importance of this website called 'Second Life'. You can live a life which you didn't choose and see how it goes. Even companies like Amul have launched a virtual setup to demonstrate its functioning and experiment with any change in production or distribution system, before executing in the real world. Isn't it amazing?

Other than the job that we already have, we can now do farming (FarmVille), own amusement parks (Roller Coaster Kingdom) and also fight wars (Mafia Wars).
All we have to remember before getting into these websites is that we have a real and beautiful life which we should not compromise to live a good life virtually- it is virtual afterall! :)


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