Saturday, November 14, 2009


Finally, all my exams are over! No more internal tests... No more semester exams... No more lab exams... No more lab-viva... No more... well.. whatever it is (read as 'was' from now)...
I didn't realize the importance of this day till a couple of minutes ago... Earlier, I was just wondering why people were so much excited about today. After all, we already knew that some-day we would come across this day...
But only when I was enquiring about the procedures for vacating my room at hostel, a thought flashed into my mind... It said, "Hey, Sharmi! You're not going to be back to this place... May be you should take a final and a closer look at this place... This is the place where you used to study... This is the place where you used to play... Take few snaps with your friends... Or, just hang out with them... Go.. Do something... This is the time... Go...!"

Well, as a whole, college was fun. I happened to learn a lot, not only my acads, but also about life.
Note: I am not nostalgic already- Just looking back at my college chapter :)


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