Wednesday, December 9, 2009

God Vs Superstitions

Most of the atheists (not all) whom I've met have their own flashback- a point when they stopped believing in God, because of some trauma in life when he was not loved or not saved by God! Then my dear friend, why do you think you are given with something called the sixth sense? Make some use of it to come out of your trauma rather than blaming God. Please stop treating God as a genie who gives you whatever you want even without thinking!
One cannot deny the existence of a super power around us. And this super power is named as God. (Discussing about the theory of the atheists is out of the scope of this post) :P
To me, God is the ray of hope. As said in the 'Geetha chaaram', we should do our duty and leave the rest to God- If it has to happen, it will. If not, 'hope' for a better ending and keep working. As you sow, so shall you reap! You cannot wait for something miraculous to happen without trying for it and end up blaming it on someone, or even God for that matter.
But over time, people have built so many stories about God. One such story is that of 'religion'. God never divided people in the name of religion, cast, creed, etc. It was people who did it in the name of God. You can keep listing for ages if you want to mention all those superstitions man has introduced (and is still introducing) in His name.
I know that it is difficult to change people who are superstitious as it has grown unimaginably deeper in their heads. But sitting idle and avoiding the society also doesn't seem to be the right choice. Something has to be planned and done immediately as time is ticking away and every minute thousands of people are being introduced to a superstitious belief! The least thing, I would suggest is, support someone who is being forced by others to practice superstitions.

P.S. Phew! This one seems to be a serious post!


  1. nice post, tho i dont agree with evrythin here :)

  2. Thank you, Kathy.
    Well I'm curious to know about your disagreement :)