Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lost and Found


This post is not intended to impose my thoughts over anybody. Any statement against anyone's beliefs is unintentional and purely

Whatever has happened, has happened for good
Whatever is happening, is happening for good
Whatever will happen in the future, will happen for good
What did you lose? Why do you cry?
What did you bring (to this world) to lose?
What did you create that got destroyed?
Whatever you took, you took it from here (this world)
Whatever you gave, you gave it here (back to this world)
Whatever is yours today will be someone else's tomorrow
Another day it will be somebody else's
This is the rule of the World!

Well, if you are wondering what this is, it is Geetha Charam. It always reminds me that life is short to worry about unnecessary stuff and so I take pleasure in whatever I do.
These days I'm learning to live in the present and enjoy it. I have stopped over-planning things, which might also have its negative face, and adopted the culture of doing things "on the fly"! And, know what? I feel relieved- the feeling which I picked up from the 'Lost and Found' section in my life.

Copied and Pasted English version of Geetha Charam from here with minor edits. Here is the Tamil version of the same.

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