Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cloud 9 Minus One

"Cloud 9 Minus One" by Sangeetha Mall- I bought this book in the beginning of this month for two reasons:
One- I found the title interesting,
Two- I wanted to read a book written by an Indian author.
Plus, the author was an IIM-B graduate- so it gained additional points :)
The narration was good and the story was not boring, though I was able to guess where the story was heading to. As I got busy for last 2 weeks, I had to abandon reading that book with many questions in the story remaining unanswered. For the last two days I kept thinking of those questions.
Who is Priya loving?- is it Sasi? Will Shruthi tell Kailash about her past love? Will he accept her and help her get out of the guilt she has? Will Rats' wife divorce him?

Waiting to find all the answers at the earliest...


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