Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ramayan in Facebook

Awesome Post: If the Ramayan were on Facebook:

Few interesting FB posts in the story are:

- Sita created the event- "Swayamvar"
- Ram accepted the invitation to Sita's event- "Swayamvar"
- Ram has been working out.
        -> Sita likes this
- Ram broke Shiva's bow
        -> Sita and Janaka likes this

- Bharat is pissed that his mother and Ram banished so Bharat could be king. Bah, parents!
- Bharat joins group "Parents sometimes go crazy"

- Lakshman took the "Who has a crush on you" and got the result- "Surpanaka"
         -> Surpanaka likes this
-> Ram: Whoa!
-> Lakshman: Not cool man, not cool!

- Sita and Lakshman added the application 'Lakshmanrekha'
- Sita took the IQ test and got the result- Her IQ is 45. Can you beat her score?
- Ravana has sent a friend request to Sita
- Sita disabled the application- 'Lakshmanrekha'
- Sita accepted Ravana's friend request.
- Ravana kidnapped Sita for a dinner date. You too can find love. Click here for hot singles in your area.

- Hanuman played the game "Long jump' and scored 478,237 points. Can you beat his score?
- Sita wrote on Ram's wall > "I want you to save me, not Hanuman"
- Ravana changed his relationship status from "It's complicated" to "single"

- Ravana declared war on Ram through the 'Mob wars' application.

- Ram is king of Ayodhya
         -> Bharat, Hanuman and 4 others like this

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