Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A random thought

Our ancestors used to say that thoughts start budding only in difficult times... I lost a game today and that's when I realized that Chess is a male chauvinistic game.
Rules of Chess say that if we attack the King of the opponent, we win. But one forgets that if their Queen is alive, she can still lead the game. Fairly speaking, it should be said that both the King and the Queen of the opponent should be captured for the opponent to win.



  1. So you lost another one today... So what should we do...? Give 33% reservation for females in pawn line and 50% reservation in the back line?

  2. Well, I'm against making reservations for women. I suggest you to read my friend's post on this.

  3. Nice to read and easy to write! But how many times have you declined this cake when they were offered in the form of a seat in a crowded bus / as a reservation in Indian railway using a female quota / as a separate queue in a Movie theater and so many other reservations even you folks are not aware about or Involuntary has been a part of your life .

    and @ your Scribbling , I urge the King need to be given the same powers @ movement as the queen .. And then Combining your theory also, We will have never ending chess games .. And Most importantly u will also never have to lose a game .

  4. Well Aravind, I don't take this quota for granted- atleast me. If so, you should be knowing what would have happened the other day- the bus incident- remember? :)
    And about the King's power in the game, I totally agree. Maybe there should have been some balance among powers rather than suppressing one's.

  5. well....sharu its time u join my female chauvinist gang :p..u are qualified..

  6. Thanks Madhu, for the invite :)
    But I'm not too much into female 'chauvinism'. I am more into equality- thus against male chauvinism, ofcourse.

  7. In all fairness, Chess was invented during a period where women had very few rights. In that context, I think the game is fairly balanced. The King's demise indeed terminates the game, I'll grant you that. He is but a glorified pawn in the grand scheme of things though.

    The Queen, on the other hand, is devastating and you are allowed to have more than one queen during the end game which raises all sorts of weird questions. :)