Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lower cut off for boys?! Are you kidding us?

TIMES OF INDIA: "Std XI cut-offs for Bangalore girls higher than boys"

INDIAN EXPRESS: "Boys come first as girls do better"

Best of all: "We surely support the girls. It is in fact a disadvantage for the girls because they have scored better than the boys. Maybe the girls have to perform a little poor if they want to compete with the boys," says Dr Sree Srivatsa, Principal, MES pre-university college

Well... Where is the country heading to?  Already we have a lot of criticism for women's 33% reservation of seats in the parliament. And now we have one more gender discrimination issue coming up. Cut-off for boys is 594, while it is 599 for girls in PCMB and in the commerce stream, it is 553 for boys and 580 for girls! In short, this country doesn't want the intelligent to study in a better university and the capable to manage the government! No wonder why this country is still "developing" and yes, it will never become "developed" unless it forgets gender discrimination. In my opinion, women do not need any helping hand in the name of "reservation" to show that they can be someone like Indira Gandhi and boys don't need lower cut-off to become Abdul Kalam.



  1. I feel women face gender discrimination at every level. They are reminded all their lives that their careers are not as important as their brothers/husbands - no matter how capable they are! Unlike the male family members they are discouraged from wanting a career and family both, they are also made to give time for planning for this future as homemakers/mothers/daughters in law, unlike their brothers whose needs are taken care of and they are encouraged to focus on their careers.

    And if there is reservation for women they are told they are being favoured - when all they are getting is a level playing field - because don't forget right to career, parents' business, family name and first priority in everything is still 'reserved' for male members (no matter how much smarter a female member might be).

    Not just this in many places even the right to be born, health care, nutrition and recreation is reserved for male children.

    And now this further discrimination shows how we are still looking for excuses to discriminate.

  2. "In my opinion, women do not need any helping hand in the name of "reservation"..."

    Women do not need a helping hand what they need is 'equal opportunities' and a level playing field.

    We have created a society and infrastructure that is suited for women to stay indoors and all public spaces are subtly 'reserved' for men. Blank Noise blog talks about how women are discouraged from taking night shifts, jobs that have long hours because it would inconvenience the husband - instead of teaching men and women to share all chores, women are asked to come home and cook and clean while men are welcome to sit and watch TV after a long tiring day - 'getting exhausted' is reserved for men?

    Being equal does not mean women need to become like men, it means all chores are shared, an effort is made to ensure equal opportunities for all, self reliance is seen as a right for all.

    Long comment!! First time here, reached here while googling about this news :) This was a thought provoking post. Glad you blogged about this discrimination.