Friday, September 3, 2010

"We Are Family"

Reasons that made me watch the movie:
 1) Lazy evening- So I was ready to watch any random movie!
2) "We Are Family" wallpaper in front of the the theatre read that it gets released on "Sept 3", but it was only Sept 2.
3) Kareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeena Kapoor
4) In a way, this movie is related to Julia Roberts  (As this movie is the remake of 'Stepmom').
5) I had 4 reasons (listed above)

Well.. I haven't watched 'Stepmom' and so I cannot compare this movie with its original.
A good movie - though the second half was a little bit dragging as most of the scenes were just about every character mourning one by one thinking of Kajol's upcoming death- still emotions were portrayed really well. Background music was good, especially towards the climax, but songs were not much impressive. As in every Karan Johar's movie, there was a disco song- but nothing much to say about it this time.

On the whole, We Are Family is a good family movie and an emotional drama. Recommended!


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