Friday, October 22, 2010

    Long time since I blogged; and now I have a good reason to post one - I am getting relieved from my current employer today. I am joining my next company on November first week; and till then, I am going be a proud 'home-maker'. If there is any home-maker reading this post, let me know about what you do when you are free at home :)
    Today, when I think of how it is going to be in the coming week, I feel bored already. Suggest me any of this month's magazines that has some good stuff to read. I already read this month's Good Housekeeping and I should say that it has a really good editorial this month- An A-Z Guide for Shopping for your wardrobe, home, health etc- highly recommended! Apart from magazines, I am also planning to read my friend and co-blogger's book. And, I am into interior decors recently- just to decorate our new home that we are going to move into at the end of this month. So, I hope that all of these would help me to keep myself busy!

Happy weekend!

Few pics taken after decorating our small apartment -