Friday, October 22, 2010

    Long time since I blogged; and now I have a good reason to post one - I am getting relieved from my current employer today. I am joining my next company on November first week; and till then, I am going be a proud 'home-maker'. If there is any home-maker reading this post, let me know about what you do when you are free at home :)
    Today, when I think of how it is going to be in the coming week, I feel bored already. Suggest me any of this month's magazines that has some good stuff to read. I already read this month's Good Housekeeping and I should say that it has a really good editorial this month- An A-Z Guide for Shopping for your wardrobe, home, health etc- highly recommended! Apart from magazines, I am also planning to read my friend and co-blogger's book. And, I am into interior decors recently- just to decorate our new home that we are going to move into at the end of this month. So, I hope that all of these would help me to keep myself busy!

Happy weekend!

Few pics taken after decorating our small apartment -



  1. I am sure interior decors will keep you busy all your vacation and even more i guess ;).

    hmm... i think i can suggest you even though i am not a "home maker" :P

    1) you said, you read good house keeping magazines- try to list things which matters to you.

    2) Pay attention: you might be going to restaurants and friends house etc, and there might me simple decorating things with might appeal to you, just be a good observer :). Make a note of these as well!!!.

    My prime suggestion to you is keeping a list of things which you wanted to do. Its often possible to forget minor things when you have so many important things around you to pay attention. Its always better to have a list of these minor items :). Which you can mark "resolved fixed" when you have free time :D

    I hope my suggestion helps you ;)

    Good luck !!!

  2. thanks kishore... :-) will do so...