Monday, November 15, 2010

The Social Network

If you'd ask me if this movie is recommended or not, it is a "yes" from me. But I also have reasons to say a BIG "no"! Before I say about what I didn't like about the movie, I would like to start with what I liked.
Things I liked: Nice screenplay and Justin Timberlake's charm ;).
Things I didn't like: Indecent portrayal of women and dialogue-based concept of the movie.
Yes, women were simply treated as sex objects and stupid humans! There were just two or three women in the whole movie who were decent and respectful- the lawyers and Mark's girlfriend.
By dialogue-based concept what I mean is that the story is driven at some places by just too many dialogues. The opening scene itself had a big conversation for roughly 5-10 minutes! But inspite of it, the movie was not slow moving!
Overall, the movie is a good package from the director of the Fight Club.
I hope that the movie inspires many people to "invent jobs" rather than "find jobs" as quoted by Douglas Urbanski who played the role of President of Harvard University in the movie. And, the moral of the story is well conveyed- "You don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies".



  1. of all the things why are you complaining abt the portrayal of women? there was a smart intern girl..... adellam kannukku padalaya?

  2. I clearly mentioned that there were just two or three women who were decent, which included her. Anyway she was just another good-looking girl, nothing more.

  3. The only problem I felt were the fast dialogues Zuck was delivering .. 'Indecent portrayal of women' was a topping on the cake :)

  4. I pretty much agree with whatever you were saying on the portrayal of woman. However most of the men do not see it... In fact, without reading this blog i myself wouldn't have noticed it...;). The reason could be "Mark Zuckerberg" doesn't have many decent girls in his life ;)