Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hidesign, the Best!

Handbags and clutches make every lady go crazy and I am not an exception.
There are lots of brands that give out classy leather bags but my choice is always Hidesign. Every Hidesign bag has its own signature style and elegant looks! I lurrrv my Logo and Bonn bags of Hidesign!!!!

Hidesign Logo

Hidesign Bonn

Few other Hidesign bags that are in my wish-list are the Orchid, Pushkin and Tate bags.

Orchid (top left), Pushkin (top right) and Tate (bottom)

Visit the Hidesign site to shop online: 

Check out the Story of Hidesign here:

Update: Got red colored-Hermitage 01 bag as Valentine's day gift from my husband. Love it! My perfect evening bag!



  1. Very informative post .. Keep it up ...

  2. You should probably try Fiorelli too sometime....

  3. Good choice. I too love Fiorelli clutches although I find many leather handbags from Hidesign a bit more sophisticated.

  4. I think nothing can parallel the quality of Hidesign in leather bags. And you have got a pretty gift! :)