Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gadgets and my life

 I was deep asleep and I heard some loud music, which stopped after playing for sometime. Then again, after sometime, I heard it again when I realized that it was my alarm clock set in my mobile.  Then I got up, switched on the water heater in my bathroom and took bath. Then I prepared breakfast using microwave oven, with which I save most of my time spent in the kitchen. Then I got a reminder about few of my pending items in my checklist from rememberthemilk to my phone. I made all necessary arrangements and then checked for emails from my laptop and left for office.

On the way to office, I kept thinking of how we humans have become totally dependent on gadgets. From the moment we got up, till we get to sleep, we are always with a gadget, if not with our partner ;), most of the times. What would happen if we wake up one fine morning and see that all the gadgets in this world have disappeared suddenly.

1. No alarms and reminders. So waking up in the morning is itself a question.
2. Most of my time will be spent on kitchen to cook food as there won't be any grinder, mixer or microwave-ovens.
3. I cannot take an option of working from home as there won't be any laptop!  This is disappointing.
4. Well, if the previous point is disappointing, here comes the next. There won't be any computers at all. Hence, there is nothing called 'software' and so I am not required to engineer it i.e., I am jobless. My education on computers would go waste and my 'Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science' degree is no longer valid.
5. No more phone calls or emails. I have to communicate with my parents by post.
6. I have to go to the railway station to book ticket in advance. They maintain every passenger details for every train in separate files for easy reference.
7. I don't even know if airports would function :P
8. What about stock markets? What about investors?
9. No more forecasting of earthquakes or storms. Astrologers will be happy :P
10. Movies like 'Robot' will be used as a reference for proving the past existence of electronic devices to future generation. By the way, I don't know how data will be stored that time.

And so on...  All I can hope is that, it is just a nightmare!

Living without gadgets is obviously difficult because they 'define' us. I am defined by mail ID, my blog title, my facebook profile, my phone, my laptop, my ebooks and the list grows day by day. If given a choice to jump to past or to the future, I would definitely choose future; because the change is easy, indeed.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Tamil language, an Art?

All of it started with Gopika's gorgeous yellow saree with tamil letters on it in the movie 'Autograph'. I don't know who's idea it was, but it was definitely different and interesting. Well today, it is in fashion!
Masaba Gupta, Mumbai-based India's famous fashion designer, took inspiration from it and has released similar designs. And people know to read it or not, wear it!

Photo Credit: highheelconfidential

BTW, the lady in the photo is Masaba's mother.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Today's Movie marathon

I've decided to go for a movie marathon this afternoon. 4 movies in a row!

Thriller movies have always been good to watch and gives me a satisfaction of watching a movie! But somehow I feel an aversion to watching thriller movies today. I feel like watching some drama or documentaries or even animation movies today. So I made a list of 10 movies out of which I've selected 4.

The movies that I considered for screening were:

1. Forrest Gump
2. Mona Lisa Smile
3. Spirited Away
4. Brokeback Mountain
5. Rabbit Hole
6. Eat Pray Love
7. Julie and Julia
8. Falling in Love
9. Tangled
10. Rachel Getting Married

And my final list is:

1. Brokeback Mountain

As I said, I wanted to watch a different movie with some good performances and a different story in it. I chose this movie purely based on critical reviews and awards list. Hope it does have a good story to tell.

2. Rabbit Hole

Basically I am a Nicole Kidman fan, and so I finalized this movie just like that after looking at Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB ratings which were pretty impressive. She won so many awards for this movie and was also nominated for Academy awards- Best Actress. So I'am sure this critically acclaimed movie will not disappoint me.

3. Julie and Julia

Generally, I like to watch multiple stories that are connected in a single movie. One such movie that I enjoyed watching was "The Hours". At the end of such movies I always think, "Isn't that amazing that you are not part of just your own story, but also related to someone else's?"
Hoping that the two stories in this movie also will be interesting.

4. Tangled

Animation movie for a happy ending :)

I am sure I will be missing good stories from the other movies that I have not selected. But I am sure to watch the rest later.

Oh! It's already 2 pm. Movie marathon starts now....


It was fun to watch back to back movies in a row after a long time! All movies were good in their own way.

Brokeback Mountain show-cased even the complex relationships really well. It just didn't concentrate on two men who were involved in a relationship, but also the women who loved their husbands. But one needs patience to watch the entire movie as it has too much of dialogues than action. Although I rate it as 8/10.

Rabbit Hole was my favorite in the list. It focuses on how a relationship of a young couple could be affected when they lose their son in an accident. The couple try hard to save their relationship without falling apart, but they have to undergo emotional stress. I rate the movie as 8.5/10.

Julie & Julia managed to twine lives of Julia, a famous cook, and Julie, who wrote a blog about Julia and her cookbook. Minute details portrayed in their lives sound so familiar to me as if I had experienced them. Well, in the end after watching this movie, my indulgence in cooking got higher by a unit of scale :) I rate the movie as 6.5/10.

Tangled is a typical fairy tale but it doesn't disappoint anyone as it is full of action. It conveys the story just right. Eagerness of Rapunzel to watch the outside world was portrayed really well that I felt joy when she was finally able to watch the floating lights. I rate this movie as 7/10.

I am planning for one more marathon sometime next week as this one was successful. Thinking of what movies to watch....