Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gadgets and my life

 I was deep asleep and I heard some loud music, which stopped after playing for sometime. Then again, after sometime, I heard it again when I realized that it was my alarm clock set in my mobile.  Then I got up, switched on the water heater in my bathroom and took bath. Then I prepared breakfast using microwave oven, with which I save most of my time spent in the kitchen. Then I got a reminder about few of my pending items in my checklist from rememberthemilk to my phone. I made all necessary arrangements and then checked for emails from my laptop and left for office.

On the way to office, I kept thinking of how we humans have become totally dependent on gadgets. From the moment we got up, till we get to sleep, we are always with a gadget, if not with our partner ;), most of the times. What would happen if we wake up one fine morning and see that all the gadgets in this world have disappeared suddenly.

1. No alarms and reminders. So waking up in the morning is itself a question.
2. Most of my time will be spent on kitchen to cook food as there won't be any grinder, mixer or microwave-ovens.
3. I cannot take an option of working from home as there won't be any laptop!  This is disappointing.
4. Well, if the previous point is disappointing, here comes the next. There won't be any computers at all. Hence, there is nothing called 'software' and so I am not required to engineer it i.e., I am jobless. My education on computers would go waste and my 'Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science' degree is no longer valid.
5. No more phone calls or emails. I have to communicate with my parents by post.
6. I have to go to the railway station to book ticket in advance. They maintain every passenger details for every train in separate files for easy reference.
7. I don't even know if airports would function :P
8. What about stock markets? What about investors?
9. No more forecasting of earthquakes or storms. Astrologers will be happy :P
10. Movies like 'Robot' will be used as a reference for proving the past existence of electronic devices to future generation. By the way, I don't know how data will be stored that time.

And so on...  All I can hope is that, it is just a nightmare!

Living without gadgets is obviously difficult because they 'define' us. I am defined by mail ID, my blog title, my facebook profile, my phone, my laptop, my ebooks and the list grows day by day. If given a choice to jump to past or to the future, I would definitely choose future; because the change is easy, indeed.

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  1. Well, I would rather choose to challenge a life without electronic gadgets. As we are becoming more and more slaves to these gadgets. And we are loosing our identity!. As you said, we will soon be defined by what gadgets we have, than the qualities we pose. What an irony!

    Suppose if we don't have an alarms- well, we will make an habit of going to bed early and getting up early ;). And without gadgets we will have more and more time to spend with our partners than personal laptops!. And I am saying all this because, the time which we save by using gadgets is being used to become even busier!!.

    I feel like we are getting into rat race armored with all these gadgets!.

    If i have to choose, i would like to be in a world with very minimal gadgets ;)

    Note: By Gadgets i mean personal gadgets here;).
    Also there are few exceptions like "scanning devices in hospital", Radars etc.

  2. He he... I don't know how you get wind of all such contests. :P

    What app do you use for RTM on Android? Astrid used to work but RTM blocked it, and I think the official RTM app is paid?

    > No alarms and reminders.
    Train your body's internal alarms for waking up, they know how and when best to wake you up, and they're much healthier too.

    >'Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science' degree is no longer valid.
    No way, computer science has at least as much to do with the study of processes and algorithms and automata in a purely theoretical sense as it has with their applications. It will become a much more theoretical field, becoming of even more interest to people like me :)

    > 9. No more forecasting of earthquakes or storms. Astrologers will be happy

    As if their current forecasts are any better than astrology!

  3. @Kishore:
    Try staying away from electronic gadgets for a week and get back to me with your experience ;)

    I am not using RTM Android app. I have configured to send an SMS of list of undone items to my number at 7.00 AM every morning...
    Glad that you opened my eyes about my other employment opportunities. :)

  4. Lol :) Nice imagination.. I think your thoughts are swinging back.. In some asharmams they are following the same you specified.. NO gadgets no communication .. Even our software Geeks are marching towards such a place yearly once for recharging their mind and energy... It ll be fully enclosed by nature isolating from the materialistic world.. Also just see the future world too





  5. @Pravin:
    If it's just yearly once, it is good. But definitely can't be a way of life, atleast to me :)