Saturday, December 14, 2013


I got to speak to one of my old friends recently. She was married and had a kid and so many questions running inside her head. She said that there were times when she felt that she should have stayed single but still chose to stay married for the sake of unclear future and anxiety of being lonely. Also she did not want the labels that would stick to her if she gets a divorce.
Later, I took a stroll at the Jimmy Choo store at UB City mall here. The sumptuous display and the glitters in the ‘Abel’ pumps made me try them out. Then I asked the ultimate question- about the price. Though it was not difficult to afford, I did not buy as I considered it to be over-priced. But why would I spend so much for no one would even recognize my Choo as I am not walking the red carpet. But if not spend for the Choo, what am I going to do with the money. I will put this money for the apartment I would purchase or may be save it for the future or blow it on buying a new car or something . I am not sure. But if people can spend their valuable life for the sake of an uncertain future, why not simply spend on a lousy Choo? But again, I wondered, do the labels matter?
But then I got into thinking- I am sure I will be labeled as “spendthrift” if I had bought the Choo. But if a guy spends his money to buy the latest expensive cellphone as soon as it gets launched, he is a “gadget geek”!
This issue with giving different labels to women and men is not new to us. A woman is called “crazy” if she says something that the accusing man does not want to hear. She is “over-reacting” if he does not want her to react. If a man is playing pranks and joking around, he is “fun” but the woman who does the same is “immature” or "not a lady". Mostly, these labels are meant to suppress her from showing her emotions and expressing what she thinks. This reminds me of Bree Van de Kamp from Desperate Housewives who says that women need to wear a “mask” to hide their emotions to have power over men – quite debatable though.
While I was thinking about all these labels women have to carry, I came across this recent Pantene Ad Campaign coincidentally which for sure would strike a bell to almost all women.

"Don't let labels hold you back. Be strong and shine."


P.S. I did not buy 'Abel' as I discovered similar looking ones in Zara and it is not as expensive as Jimmy Choo's. And ofcourse, labels don't matter.


  1. Thought you were going to talk about the pointlessness of labels, can't believe you turned this into a stupid men-vs-women thing!

    If a woman wants to stay at home and take care of kids she's "respectable" and "caring", if a guy does the same he's labelled "irresponsible" and "lazy". If a girl smiles a lot she's labelled "friendly", if a guy does the same he's a "creep" and a "flirt". If a woman cries she's immediately an innocent victim whatever she may have done, if a guy cries he's labelled a crybaby and laughed at.

    Idiots thrive on simplistic labels because their puny brains can't handle actual thinking, they don't discriminate by gender or race or anything. Women have tons of actual problems in the world that can do with our help, let's not divert our energies instead into "stuff stupid people happen to say"!

  2. Good to see that you are not one of those guys.
    But I have only heard women being labelled as "unambitious" or "incapable" in the former case and the very same "flirt" in the latter (and this label mostly affects a woman more than it does to a man as far as I have seen). And when a woman cries in public, do you really think that she is 'accepted' irrespective of whatever she does? She is often asked to "man up".
    And if a man cries, he is labelled as "crybaby" mostly by his fellow men and by few women who were previously asked to "man up".

    Agree that labels are pointless and that we should not get diverted by the negative energy it brings in (as mentioned at the end of the video). But sometimes they are rendered so strong that it becomes difficult to be dealt with. And it becomes far more difficult when you are the minority in the group. But only the bold can come out successfully.