Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The formula for happiness

Last week, I was through an emotional roller-coaster ride. Though it is tempting, I do not want to rant about it here. I had few reasons to be happy for, but at the same time, I also had way too many reasons to worry about. And finally, things reached its peak and I lost myself. Have you ever been in a state in which you simply don’t function yourself and wait for someone to instruct you what to do next? Well, I was; for the first time in my life. 

Then later in the day, I realized what was going on. I was living in an imaginary world all these days – a world that was almost perfect with minor issues but only within a given threshold and the threshold was set by none other than me. Nothing could go wrong beyond the line I drew. But reality, on the other hand, was harsh. I had to accept the events going on in my real life instead of worrying about the pain it had caused. I had to wake up from my dreamy world. I had to deal with my emotions and put them aside and start thinking logically. 

The moment I decided to take over my emotions with logic, half of my problems seemed to have been solved. Well nothing changed, except that I felt better. It just made no sense. Then I wondered, if the formula for happiness is getting into a ‘robotic’ mode, am I doing something wrong here…

Meanwhile I came across this and found it funny.
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  1. :) By the way what is the correct answer? Ha ha...

  2. Well, Philosophy is my topic of interest, I will share my experience here! Now Fasten your belt ;)

    In my quest for happiness, I had been told that, you will experience the true happiness when you stay away from the materialist world. You need to become a Yogi (As per Bhagavad gita, Yogi is a person who is calm and centered and does not react to the anger. And don’t be shocked that i am quoting from Bhagavad gita.. I had been to many spiritual lecture in Ramakrishna matt and other places to find the answers..).
    Now, this sounds close to your “robotic mode”- Not reacting! So, true happiness, Is it just being calm, not thinking anything ?? May be its right, because thats what we try to do in meditation. Trying to attain a peace there by experiencing the bliss. And this confused me even more and lead to some serious questions like what is the purpose of human life ?
    And to experience the true happiness, all I have to do is to just sit and meditate ??
    Is it necessary for me to become a sage to experience the true happiness ??

    Well, If that was the way for the happiness, I have decided, I would rather live my human life (Enjoying with materialistic world, being vulnerable, being emotional just like any other person).
    But, I do want the way out when I am anger, frustrated. And I realised its just like the algorithm’s time-space tradeoff. May be this one is happiness tradeoff ;).
    If you want to enjoy (enjoy in my definition is with materialistic world including the emotions ) you are ought to experience the pain !

    However, I have couple of sutras , using which I try to bail out myself in those situations.

    1) Just surrender ! Accept the reality.. And do not question the past ! Nobody has control on past !. Its just the way it is… Do not waste your time and energy in separating the water droplets from water(tried something new..Hope it makes sense :P).
    2)Do not look at the decisions out of their context. Every decision would have taken in a certain context. Over time we will forget the context and just get struck with the past decisions and trying to be judgemental without considering their context. In other words, DO not REGRET….
    3) Forgiveness : Forgive others for your own peace… Forgiveness is for yourself.. It will help you more than the other person.
    4) Be prepared for the next sprint .. Because you chose to be a normal person and you are ought to experience the emotional roller coaster :D
    Thats it !

    Well I would like to stop this philosophy class with one more note:

    According to me : the purpose of the human life is to serve others, rest all acts are same as any other species in the animal kingdom.. This human life is not for is for others. Once you think in this terms, you may not feel angry or frustration any more. Of-course, i know its good as a quote and very difficult to be there. Nevertheless its just my definition ;)

    Good to see you back … Keeping scribbling :)