Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rent a wife?

Stereotyping roles based on gender is not uncommon around the world. Just when we started to protest and reduce them to some extent, we have websites called Rent-A-Wife and Rent-A-Husband. The "rent a wife" website offers services like baking, cleaning, grocery shopping, "making things pretty" etc and the "rent a husband" website offers services like lawn mowing, plumbing, etc - no brownie points for guessing them right. Basically, these websites did a good job of inscribing responsibilities based on gender. Well, the problem with stereotyping is that men or women find it as an excuse or embarrassment to carry out tasks not meant to be done by them.
Secondly, renting a wife/husband reduces the worthy notion of a spouse being a human. We can rent a car or a house or a DVD- but the idea of renting a spouse just doesn't sound right. And one may ask, if the spouse can be rented to live with or go for a party for showcase. Well mate, this is not a dating or adult website- but you see, it gives that notion. Well I am sure these websites got some extra clicks this way.
Lastly, not the mention how much pressure it adds by raising bars of being a "perfect" wife or husband.

Bree Van de Kamp of Desperate Housewives, who is portrayed as the "perfect" housewife.