Monday, October 19, 2015

My cooking strategy

I am a working mother with 2 year old twins. So you must imagine the fast pacing life I must be having. Most people in a similar scenario cook in bulk for the week. But I don't like the idea of consuming 5 day old food personally although it is very much tempting to do so just for the sake of saving some time for resting after the kids are asleep.
So I resort to cooking only two meals for the day and I cook mostly in the evenings- one for dinner for the night and one meal for packing lunch for the next work day. So I restrict myself to easy recipes for the workdays and leave the complex ones for the weekend. Breakfast is mostly prepared just before consuming and so I plan for only simple food in the morning which need zero planning in advance.

What I realized is that it is very hard to find recipes of quick and easy meals that are suitable for me in one place. Of course there are some books that offer to give such recipes but most often they involve more work than advertised or simply use a lot of ready-made ingredients which I don't generally prefer. I try to make the dishes simple and tasty and avoid too many artificial and ready-made stuff - to make myself clear - I am a person who prefers buying fresh fruits over frozen fruits, fresh meat and seasoning it myself over pre-seasoned meat, etc - you get what I mean? At the same time I try to balance by buying certain stuff instead of making them from scratch - for example, I buy whole grain pasta instead of trying and making one. So there is quite a bit of balancing act involved here.

I will try and post some of the recipes of quick meals I make on a day-to-day basis. I am not an expert and so there might be better ways to cook the same food I make. But my motive is to convey the recipes that worked for me and my family so you can base your cooking out of it and also work around it to make it suitable for your own taste-buds. Please remember to post it back in the comments if you think it turned out well. I am open to experiments and suggestions.

Watch this space for some simple cooking recipes...


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  1. > What I realized is that it is very hard to find recipes of quick and easy meals that are suitable for me in one place.

    This is something I too have faced in a different form, as a bachelor living by myself in Blore (and as someone that doesn't enjoy cooking and wants to minimize time spent on it). Finding recipes that
    (1) are actually simple, (2) are nutritious enough to use repeatedly, (3) don't involve two dozen ingredients and fourteen utensils, and (4) taste at least passable to my Indian palate
    has proven quite tough even in the age of Google and DuckDuckGo.

    This is one of the areas I'm heavily underprepared in, considering my plans for a travelling, independent lifestyle, so looking forward to checking out these recipes from you!